When you are thinking about getting your memory, your treasure framed, asked yourself these questions:

  • Can I, do I want to do it myself?
  • What kind of frame is best?
  • What other components (mat board, glass, glues, wire) will I need?
  • What about the glass; should I use UV protection, anti glare, plexiglass?
  • Should I be concerned about the archival characteristics of the components?
  • What about the mounting, the attaching of the artwork or treasure, how is that done?

If you decide to take it to a “frame shop”…

  • Who can I trust with my memory, with my treasure?
  • Do I take to a big box store or to a local business?
  • Does the frame shop do all the work themselves, or would they send my treasure out?
  • What about the cost? With the discount coupons offered by the big box stores, should I even consider the local business?  Speaking as & for the local shops…yes!  Most local shops do not play the high/low game & can often compete at the bottom line.
  • Do the people who actually touch my memory have any vested interest in the business?
  • Will the people helping you choose your components listen to your requests, concerns, needs & work with me no matter?

Turning the table, below are questions the frame shop should ask you:

  • What can you tell me about your treasure?
  • Do you have any thoughts regarding the color or style of frame?
  • Are there any considerations as to where you will be hanging this piece?
  • As you are being shown the options (primarily mats & frames), you will be asked to choose. Often it’s “process of elimination” which may take time.
  • You should also be asked about your choice for glass, after an explanation of the cost comparison & benefits.
  • Some will ask the question of your budget, or your expectation of cost.
  • When do you want the project completed?
  • When all is known for your framing project, the shop will quote the cost for the options you choose & will ask… should we get started?