Picture Your Walls

a unique name for a business

a one of a kind company

Where did the name, Picture Your Walls come from? 

Prior to Picture Your Walls, the business was known as Thelma Winter Gallery.  A business that was primarily in existence to support and promote Thelma’s paintings and prints.  Thelma Winter was a prolific artist whose method was to combine pen and ink drawings with watercolor paints to produce vibrant and realistic works of art.  She was well known for her sleigh ride scenes, the local western New York neighborhoods and landmarks, lighthouses and so much more.  Please visit her website (http://thelmawinter.com/shop/index.php) to see her collection.

After Thelma passed away in 2009 the principals of the business had to make some decisions and one was the name.  Sitting around the kitchen table, enjoying some wine and memories and prayers, the name Picture Your Walls was born.  Not remembering whose idea it was, as it was never a concern to know…we were a team.

The discussion was about taking the business in more directions & a major change was to offer a new service called “wall decor solutions”, thus the primary driving force to the name Picture Your Walls.

Picture Your Walls was a play on words.  Picture Your Walls…

…telling Your story

…showing off Your memories, Your treasures

…showing Your pride in Your Family, Your business, Your passions

…motivating Your employees

An early slogan, that is still used today Picture Your Walls Your Way!

More changes have happened to Picture Your Walls over the years, especially the four years following the new name.  New ownership, new services, new artists, new location all took place between 2009 & 2013.  And though much was new, many core values and key employees remained.

Today Picture Your Walls is known by many, for many reasons.  Suffice it to say, Picture Your Walls, a unique name for a business, a one of a kind company.