When deciding on what and where and how to hang artwork and other treasures on my wall, what should I consider, be aware of?

  • What kind of look (style) do I want?
  • What am I wanting to convey?
  • What piece/s is/are most important to me?
  • I have photos I would want included, how best to incorporate them?
  • How high do I hang the work?
  • What kind of hardware should I use?
  • What about spacing, balance?
  • What about windows?
  • Who can help me with every step?
    • the selection of the art
    • reframe my existing pieces
    • enhance, enlarge & print my photos, perhaps even restore an old photo
    • frame most anything
    • position & hang all my wall decor

Picture Your Walls in the Village Hamburg NY has been in the wall decor business for almost 10 years.  They call their service, Wall Decor Solutions, which basically means they can help with all the steps listed above.  Through the years they have worked with numerous businesses and home owners all over WNY.  From town & village buildings, to professional offices, to many restaurants, to corporate headquarters, to homes in prestigious  neighborhoods.  For a list of businesses & towns worked, just ask.  They would also be happy to provide references upon request.

 Picture Your Walls offers a free consultation at your business or home, after which an estimate will be given.  Since their services are ala carte, their pricing will depend on the work you need.