These last number of months many people have been busy with numerous projects around the home.  You could say, spring cleaning like never before.  Many tackled those long procrastinated projects, like cleaning the closet or basement or garage; organizing that work space, or simply going through things.   Now, what to do with what you’ve found…

The best thing to do is to re-use, or give your reclaimed bounty to someone.  If there is no one, perhaps you can donate your items to an organization, like Good Will or American Veterans or Savers.

 Now, what about those treasures, those memories you thought were lost forever?  Perhaps you’ve found that valued collection or memorabilia from a special time or a special place.  Perhaps you’ve found an old faded or torn photo; a one of a kind memory.

For years Picture Your Walls in Hamburg has been helping families turn their once lost treasures and memories into prized possessions.  From restoring old, damaged photographs of loved ones, to turning pieces of family history into something quite special.  An Orchard Park customer was quoted as saying “the memory of my Mom you framed, my whole family is fighting over…you created a family heirloom


Other examples of custom framing that may surprise you, Picture Your Walls has framed a collection of antique purses, a Picasso plate, Chaucer manuscript, many a sports memorabilia (i.e., Pete Rose’s baseball bat), military medals and certificates, the list goes on and on.  If it’s of value to you, protect, preserve, and show it off!

In addition to custom framing, Picture Your Walls is also known for their fine art photo services.  Included are photo restoration, enhancement, enlarging, and printing on various mediums (i.e., watercolor paper, canvas), and finally, art reproductions.  You may have a painting done by a relative, and many in your family want the only copy…finally, a solution, a reproduction of the same exact size and color.  Or, that one and only photograph of a relative that is faded and torn, Picture Your Walls can make a digitally restored copy/s.   Picture Your Walls takes special care of all priceless, one of a kind memories…they are honored and humbled to be trusted.  Recently a loyal customer wrote “Thank you, Eric, for not only restoring photos, but restoring memories!”

 One final thought on the fine art printing available at Picture Your Walls, they can also work with your digital, phone photos.  Enhancing and enlarging your favorite family photo or your vacation memories.