Art Gallery

Gallery of Artists

Artists and photographers have been trusting Picture Your Walls with their masterpieces for years. Over 30 local WNY artists currently have their work on display and available for purchase at Picture Your Walls. From original paintings on various mediums (watercolor, oil, acrylic) to various size prints; most mounted and matted and ready to be framed.

Artists include professionals that have made their living selling their works around the globe (i.e., Robin Mols), to local art teachers, to those just starting to follow their passion, their gift in the visual arts. From realism, to still life’s, to abstract, we have paintings to fit most every taste and budget. In addition to original paintings, most artists also offer reproductions (prints), and, many you could commission a painting from.

I would be remiss to not mention the artist that started the business that preceded Picture Your Walls, Thelma Winter. When Thelma passed in 2009, the business transitioned in ownership and name; yet kept the connection to her beautiful, bountiful work. All of her paintings that were photographed, and reproduced are still available in all her sizes at Picture Your Walls. There are also a limited collection of her original paintings available.

One other artist that should be mentioned separately is Norman Maffei. He too was a prolific artist, who was best known for his love of the sea and his paintings of tall ships. He is also well known for his detailed, original WWII sketches, of which all (150+) are on display at Picture Your Walls. Stop by and see his beautiful historic work.

Local photographer artists are also well represented at Picture Your Walls. Again, both professionals and talented amateur artists have their work on display and for sale at Picture Your Walls. Beautiful scenes from around the world, especially from Buffalo and all of WNY, are available in a variety of sizes. Many of the photographers can also be commissioned to take a professional photo of your favorite WNY scene. One cool thing about photography, especially in this digital age, you can do so much with the print…enlarging, enhancing, cropping, printing on numerous mediums. Not all photos of our photography partners are on display, but if interested, we will gladly send you a link to their websites where you can peruse all of their shots.

Historic, vintage photos are also available at Picture Your Walls. Not only of your favorite sports teams, taken by hall of fame photographer Robert Smith, but we have also been known to acquire them from various sources (i.e., historical societies) for our customers/clients.

It has been always our goal at Picture Your Walls to promote and support the local artist community; that is why well over 95% of the art for sale is from local artists. We are always looking for new WNY artists and we welcome you to call. It must be a unanimous decision for us to bring a new artist in. Please know it currently cost nothing to have your work on display in our gallery, we simply take an agreed upon commission on anything sold.