Custom Framing and Mounting

You Name It!

We love challenges…we’ve framed a Picasso plate, manuscripts of Chaucer, a collection of bills & coins, You name it.  Check out the list & check back tomorrow

Family Memories

Your children’s art, Your family photos, Your collections…we turn Your memories that are in a closet or drawer into a family heirloom Your children will fight over.

Sports Memorabilia

From any sports jersey, to a golf club, to the ball itself…protect & preserve Your favorite team jersey/collectible


Pastels, watercolors, oils, acrylics, mixed media…you name a medium, we can frame Your masterpiece.

Picture Your Walls has one of the best designers in the business…

For close to 30 years, customers have brought their priceless treasures for framing to Picture Your Walls.  You can trust Picture Your Walls with all your custom framing projects…your child’s invaluable art project, your favorite sports memorabilia, or that one of a kind memory.  The list goes on & on…check the list below and see the photos of the many priceless treasures Picture Your  Walls has framed for people.

 Linda, our designer has been on the job from the time custom framing was first offered.  She has gone to many classes and seminars, and has learned and honed her skill on the job even more.  She loves what she does and she shows it in every project she works on.

 Not only do we have the experience and expertise to frame just about anything, we also have the equipment and tools and supplies.  Foremost is our CMC (computerized mat cutter) which gives us and our customers the benefit of:

  • precision and accuracy
  • multiple windows
  • decorative corners
  • ovals
  • V-grooves
  • 3-D matting

We work with some of the premier mat and frame and glass suppliers in the business, providing our customers a great selection of colors, sizes, textures, prices, materials, etc.  from which to choose.  We even offer plak mounting.

When you bring your project to Picture Your Walls we will work with you in choosing the right components and mounting, matting and framing techniques.  We will share our expertise, but more importantly, listen to all your thoughts and needs; including your budget. 

 Lastly, pricing…  How does Picture Your Walls compare?  While difficult to verify, as it is almost impossible to insure a true “apples to apples” comparison, Picture Walls does compare favorably on price to other quality custom frame shops, including the “big box” stores and their coupon offers. 

 We do the little things…wire all projects, provide courtesy hooks, offer pick up & delivery service, effectively communicate throughout the project.  We’ve even been known to finish a rush project in less than a day.

 People will cite the features and benefits mentioned above as to why they continue to bring all of their projects to Picture Your Walls and why they recommend us to friends and family, but many will also say it is our love and passion for what we do.  We just love to see the joy and smiles of our customers when they pick up their custom framing project.




• Army helmet
• Baseball bat (Pete Roses’)
• Baseball mitt
• Basketball
• Beatles album
• Birth announcements
• Burlap sack
• Card collection
• Chef’s coat
• Coin collection
• Collage of pictures
• Company’s ‘widgets’
• Concert tickets
• Dance shoes
• Doily collection
• Diplomas
• Drum sticks (Ringo’s)
• Floor, piece of the Chicago United Center
• Golf clubs
• Golf ball & score card
• Golf T flags
• Historical documents

  • Invitations
  • Maps
  • Mike Tyson’s shorts
  • Military medals
  • Military memorial
  • Mirrors
  • Needlework
  • Newspaper articles
  • Original paintings of oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels
  • Pet memories, including a cast of a paw print
  • Photographs
  • Plates, including a Picasso
  • Portraits
  • Purses, antique
  • Rambo knife collection
  • Stretched canvas paintings & prints
  • Stained glass window
  • Uniforms & jerseys
  • Wall, hand prints from a plaster wall
  • Wedding invitations
  • Wedding gown

…and many other items, often difficult to describe.  This list continues to grow almost every week